AT HOMES (2019), Yelo house

Home is not a place, not only the tangible house we live in. Or just our immediate family we born with. 
Homes are the place or even people or things or a state of mind that make us feel comfortable and at peace. Sometimes home is truly being with yourself, sometimes home is your spouse, your mother , your father , your girlfriend, your boyfriend. I have been finding my homes in many other things, some people are my homes and also some places. Let me show you my homes. 
I believe that everyone can find their homes on their subjective terms. 
I find process of making my art my home, I find surfing in the ocean as my another paradise-like home, I find the state of purifying my mind is my home. I find the the mother nature my home. When I feel I am living freely that is my another home, reading my favorite books on my bed is my home, listening to my favorite songs is my home, walking in the flea markets and searching for the right piece of vintage to collect is my home, collecting and appreciated my vintage pieces are my home.
Actually, Home is a feeling. Homes are what, where ,who and how that you love.